A Concise History of Baccarat: Know your Game

The Baccarat game originates from aristocratic times. Then in Asian countries, she enjoyed unprecedented popularity. Although at the moment the game is no longer elite, players still play at high stakes, as if continuing the long tradition.

In this game the participant has a very high percentage to win. This sets it apart from other similar card games. She is able to please even an inexperienced newcomer who first encountered her, since his chances of winning are only 1% lower than the dealer. However, you can visit คา สิ โน แจก เงิน เล่น ฟรี for a detailed Outline of the game.

From the Middle Ages to the Present

Advent of Baccarat is Unknown: the History

However, if we refer to reliable historical facts, then the approximate time of the appearance of this game varies within the XIV-XV centuries. At that time, people were superstitious and addicted to divination. Therefore, the tarot cards were originally used in the game. Since this time, she has conquered more and more hearts of lovers of excitement, not leaving indifferent those who have even met a little baccarat.

From time immemorial, baccarat was nothing more than a way to know one’s destiny. For example, in order to win in baccarat, you must score nine or close to him the number of points. Anyone who was able to collect the cherished numbers received a verdict from the croupier that “he should be king” or “should expect a high position”.

Naturally, this is distorted data, but if you believe the chronicles and many old records, the predictions took place in the life of the players in baccarat. In 1490, the card game makes its trip to the homeland of croissants and frog legs. It was France that became the state that raised baccarat to a new level, opening new opportunities and rapid development for this game. From the aristocratic game, she moves to all strata of society, conquering more and more hearts.

The game is gaining momentum so much that after a while it “makes a trip” to England and South Africa. But this was not enough. Immediately after the aforementioned countries, the United States of America “visited” the baccarat game. Entertainment came to the United States at the very moment when the colonists began their relocation from Britain. They mastered the new lands; incidentally falling in love with a game they had previously not familiar with.

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In view of the fact that it received the greatest glory in France, some historians consider it the birthplace of the game. However, other historians dispute this, arguing that Italy is the birthplace of the baccarat game. All this turmoil arose because of the name of the game, which can be hidden in two words “baccara” or “baccarat”.


If translated from Italian, the word means “zero.” This may serve as a logical explanation of the name of the game, since they do not bring a single point when receiving dozens or cards with pictures. In the middle Ages, the game of baccarat was between players. Only after a long time dealers appeared.

The Nuances of the Game in Baccarat

This game gives the player the right to choose one of the bets. These include:

  • bet on the dealer
  • bet on the player
  • bet on a draw

After the player has chosen the amount and type of bet, the dealer proceeds to the distribution of cards. He deals cards to himself and the player. After the cards are on hand, the scoring begins. Here, as in the famous blackjack game, you can request a third card.

The Goal

The goal is to get nine or eight points. If the player does not get this number, the game continues using additional rules. For example, if a score was obtained from zero to four, then it is allowed to take another card. There are still rules, but their consideration does not bear any interest and benefit.